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Our headquarters is located in Europe (and not in Africa) because access to the media and to the internet—and therefore to donors—is much simpler than in Africa. In order to conduct fundraising campaigns and find sponsors, we need to have a base in Europe. Once more, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who work with us side by side.

We began working to support our partners in the DRC from Togo in 2007/2008, in particular by giving aid to underprivileged children and to victims of abuse. In the particularly brutal war which is now devastating the eastern part of this country, rape is used as a weapon on a daily basis.


These atrocities are committed for economic gain (mines, etc.), and the sad fact is that the media rarely gives adequate attention to this alarming situation. The Friendly Haven works hard to protect women, children, and civilians—especially human rights activists who suffer persecution.


We also provide financial and logistical support to Congolese activists who gain refugee status in Europe and Turkey after being persecuted in their country of origin.

// Europe 
// The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Togo is where the Friendly Haven began its work thanks to its close ties with the charitable organization C.R.A.C. (Cercle de Réflexion et d’Action pour la Cohésion), a trusted partner in the field. Shortly after the civil war that ravaged the country in 2005, we began acting to bring peace to the country by using education and non-violence. Since then, we have not stopped working to help those who are most vulnerable, especially children and widows.

// Togo 
// Actions in Ukraine, Greece and Syria

For several years, our association has been supporting refugees in Crimea and now in Ukraine. We are present alongside our partner VIVERE on the borders of Moldova and Transnistria. In France, we also provide material and psychological support to refugees present in the country. We also had the opportunity to support the Chose Humanity association which is committed to helping refugees from Africa and the Middle East on the Greek islands. Finally, for more than three years, we have been carrying out action in favor of very young children suffering from malnutrition among refugees in Syria.

// Everywhere

Today, our sponsors are in Europe, the United States and Asia, and we hope to expand our network as much as possible in the future. We are open to the prospect of working to serve children everywhere, keeping our guiding principles: Find field partners with flawless reliability, Always start from a local initiative and respond to an expressed need, Prioritize support for small NGOs focused on child protection.


Thanks everyone!

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