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With only 50 € per year, you can sponsor an orphan child for a whole year, which means:


  • You allow the child to go to school by paying for supplies and school fees

  • You ensure that the child and his or her host family receive food directly

  • You allow the child to remain healthy by covering medical costs

  • You afford psychological help through our organization's therapists

  • You help provide clothes and toys for the child, and you allow him/her to participate in play, artistic, and festive activities organized with other sponsored children. 


You can accomplish all that through your sponsorship!

Change a Life!


You will be regularly informed on the life events and the progress made by your “protégé” and you will receive photos of him or her. You will always receive the latest news about our organization. If you wish, you can send letters to the child you sponsor, send him/her small gifts...or even visit him/her in Togo!

// Why not... Sponsor a child? Make a donation? Send books, toys, or clothes? Become a volunteer? Organize a fundraising event? Help out in the Field? 
// With you
// Sponsor a child

 Anything is possible, and we know that our sponsors always have surprises in store for us!

If you would like, you can also make a donation. Whatever the amount, even if it seems insignificant to you, it will always be put to good use.

When we receive donations, we give top priority to allocating funds to sponsorships. But you can also specify which project you would like to support, and your wish will always be respected. If you so choose, your donation can remain anonymous. We will keep your personal information confidential and will not share it with other organizations.


With the goal of allowing our donors to make tax-deductible donations, we are currently in the process of applying for official recognition as a “registered charity”. (Note: In France, this is called an association reconnue d'utilité publique.


Under French law, charitable non-profit organizations have to go through a special process to receive tax-deductible donations; this process has stringent requirements, including amount of influence, minimum number of members, solid finances, guarantees as to the charity work performed by the organization, etc. It is a long and sometimes difficult bureaucratic procedure, but our current status in no way diminishes caliber the work we do every day!)

// Make a donation






// Send books, toys, or clothes

Do you have old toys, child or baby clothes, or (children’s) books and magazines that you no longer need?

Then why not send them to Togo to give them a second life in our shelter and with the children we sponsor?

For practical reasons, we usually ask our generous donors to send the packages themselves: our organization then reimburses the cost of shipping if desired (with the delivery invoice as proof). 

We have received many packages directly at the Friendly Heaven headquarters, and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

But it isn't easy for our small team of volunteers to make frequent back-and-forth trips to the post office; this is why we humbly ask you to send the package yourself, knowing that you can be reimbursed afterward (it might be best to avoid very heavy toys, though!).


Voici l’adresse :
Association CRAC

1016 rue Jérémie Moran

BP 425



// Organize a Fundraising event

Are you good at throwing parties, getting people talking, and leading projects? Then why not help out while still having fun? You can organize a party or any event whose benefits go to the Friendly Haven!

Contact us to talk about it, and we'll be more than glad to hear what you have to suggest!

From the very start, our team has always been made up of volunteers only—be it at the headquarter or among our field partners in Togo and in the Congo. We have always been devoted to selflessly helping others.

However, starting in September 2013, we will begin paying the staff in our orphanage in Togo so that we can provide optimal working conditions—which they sorely deserve.


So if you would like to join our team and make your talent and your projects shine with us, you are more than welcome. For instance, you can:


  • Help us find donors or apply for grants

  • Help us translate our organization's documents into the language of your choice

  • Go out into the field and make use of your talents, etc.

// Become a volunteer

Do you want to work directly in the field? Do you have skills and desires that you can put to work with us? If so, you are entirely welcome to participate!

You can go on long or short missions. The Friendly Haven will help make sure everything takes place in the best possible conditions. For missions lasting longer than one month, we also take care of transportation, health, and housing costs. For shorter missions, we provide help with logistical questions and advise you on how to handle your departure. We also pick you up on arrival and provide housing in the host country.


For security reasons, we can only send our volunteers to Togo. The Democratic Republic of the Congo does not provide a safe enough environment for the time being.


Our entire field team will be pleased to give you a warm welcome in Togo! We hope to see you soon!

// Help out in the field


Thank you to everyone who has given their love, their time, or their money to these projects.
Thank you for changing and saving lives.

We would like to give a warm thanks to the wonderful field teams who volunteer to put these projects into place, particularly Yves-Mathieu Amewu, Clémentine Avosse, Noel Marius Amewu, Victorine Sekom and Father Séraphin Abokitse in Togo.
Thank you to all our sponsors who regularly or occasionally show their support for these children, and thank you to our first supporters such as Mr. Laurent Huault, as well as to more recent activists such as Mrs Yamina Louarith who have supported our organization. 

Thank you to Françoise Vappereau, who represents the sponsors and who went to Togo to make this project a reality.
Thank you to the translator Charles Eddy, who volunteered to complete the English translations of the site with the support of Mary Moritz of WordStyle Traductions.
Thank you to Angela Tina Krah, our webmaster.
Thank you to Robert Persillon, our photographer and film director.
Thank you to Mathieu Bonaudo, for his work during the construction of the orphanage.
Thank you to the late Melvin R. Seiden, the orphanage's main donor, to whom we all owe the fulfilment of a dream, and a wonderful joy.
We would like to thank everyone involved!


Fleur Vappereau

The Friendly Heaven Chairwoman 

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