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// Future Perspectives


// In Togo, D.R. Congo, in Europe and around the world. 

Setting up a youth hostel in order to make the orphanage entirely self-sufficient financially.


We have already begun the construction of the youth hostel on our piece of land with the goal of renting out rooms to Togolese students and international volunteers.

The goal is to make the orphanage completely financially independent as soon as possible. Our aim is to make enough profits to make the program 100% locally paid for. 

Farm/Livestock Project


In 2014, we would like to make use of our 25 acres of land to start a farm and livestock breeding project, which the children living in our shelter can take part in.

This would, once again, allow the shelter to become self-sufficient and independent. Furthermore, this would allow young people to find professional opportunities and rewarding work in close contact with nature. 

Our goal? Have a 100% financially independent orphanage within 5 years.

// For our programs in Togo, we will continue to keep our main goals in sight.
  • Continuing sponsorships and strengthening the orphanage

  • Giving a greater role to art therapy for the children

  • Extending and improving the widows’ IGA program

  • Putting an emphasis on support for people living with HIV/AIDS

// In the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The program launched for the DRC currently has very little funding. But, hoping that this situation improves, we would like to pursue the following projects: 


  • Better medical, material, and psychological care for children, women, and men who are victims of sexual abuse

  • Better assistance for human rights defenders

  • Co-financing mobile courts that allow war criminals to be tried before a judge

  • Leading campaigns and speak out to world media about sexual abuse in the DRC about the exploitation of mines, and about the financial interests that are at stake 

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